Wilders is changing his image..... suddenly has bright blue eyes !

Sometime ago, the website of Geert Wilders was hacked. And today I figured, let's see what his new site looks like. Of course it would have been fun to toy around with it and see if this site could be hacked, but I couldn't even start trying. Because something was staring me in the face. And it surprised me. But it also reminded me of something.

If you know Geert Wilders and his history, then you know that there is some Indonesian blood in his family. And you would also know that he's originally got black dark blond hair and brown eyes with big black pupils. While we are by now accustomed to his hair being dyed blond, we all recognize him when we see the picture here:

So you can imagine that I was quite a bit surprised to see his new website with the following, iconic picture:

At first I did'n believe it, so I magnified the picture to look again at his eyes:

Well, we all know what a little Photoshop can do to improve the looks. But this, I felt, was different.

So I tried to remember what is was that made this so familiar. I browsed around the web, my books at home, magazines, asked the neighbours, but still I couldn't figure it out. In the end I had to give up. I vaguely recall that there is something about a strong desire and ideal to have blond hair and blue eyes, but I just can't remember what it is.

PS Not having ever seen him in person (I am now checking a lot of google-images) it may be the case that his eyes may have a shade of grey/blue/green. Still this upgrade to hefty blue remains remarkable.

PS 2 (20.55): Indeed they appear to look a shade of blue. So he may (or may not) have used some digital highlighter that created the unnatural image.

PS 3 (23.24): I struck out the black hair, as I was wrong about his original hair colour as well. It used to be dark blond rather than black. So what remains is a bit of photoshopping and digital polishing that struck me.