Shame on the Vatican, Benedictus and Roman Catholic Church for sanctifying Pope John Paul 2 !!

Today is a remarkable day. Most important is of course the fact that this old man started blogging, exactly one year ago, about his suprise. En as from today we will be doing the same in English. But there is quite a bit more that deserves our attention and surprise today.

No, I'm not referring to the 65th birthday party of our leftwing Labour party. Although that event does in itself create an atmosphere of wonder, I will leave the so-called 'left church' to themselves to focus at the one and only Roman Catholic Church. The Pope, Benedictus has managed, in a flurry of self-abuse, to beatify predecessor John Paul II. He chose today in order to beat the Guiness Book of Records which until today had Mother Theresa as the person who became saint the fastest. And that is of course why Benedict wanted to get this done today, so that saint John Paul would beat Mother Theresa with 6 days.

As you can see, I am quite astounded and schocked. We knew of course that the Roman Catholic Church was a church with an unhealthy distinction between what is preached and what is practiced. And that is surprising, given the fact that the Bible contains quite a beautiful example of a compassionate, objective human being who tries to live in peace, love and without pre-occupations or prejudices. It's unfortunate that the RC Church has built such a big marketing machine around this example and has succeeded in turning away from the example, to the extend that the RC Church now has become the sort of Pharisees that Jezus would have his struggle with. And if I would have been Roman Catholic myself, today would have been the day that I would resign my membership.


Well, it seems to me that one of the most relevant developments in the last years is the discovery of numerous examplex of abuse of power en child abuse. Which has been covered with a blanket of deaffenning silence by the Church itself. And if we look at the man who contributed to the texts and instructions that helped keep the blanket of silence intact, we must recognize that it is th current Pope, Benedictus. And the main goal of these instructions was to keep the image of the Church clean, not so much to behave merciful or compassionate towards the victims. Pope Benedict has as a member of some working group contributed to that document (''Crimen Sollicitationis' of March 16, 1962, also know as: how to hush clerical child abuse by using church law rather than civil proceedings) which subsequently was ratified and sent out by the Pope. Of course the Vatican had to deal with the effects of all this becoming public knowledge and has witnessed a further decrease in attendance and faithul followers. And although Benedictus ('he, who speeks well')  did try to apologize for the role of the Church, today turns out that thas was a mere blind (I hope I use this expression in the right way).

It appears to me that the beatification of a Pope who for image-reasons prescribed secrecy with respect to child abuse can be viewed as a direct 'slap in the face' for all the victims of child abuse and the subsequent secrecy/denial. But the Roman Church is apparently unable to cleanse itself internally and to point out to Benedict the consequences of his coldhearted and dry-eyed behaviour. Well, they will find out when in a half year time they are wondering what the sudden decrease is, around May 2011, in the stats for church membership.

And while Benedict and his Church couldn't care less about the particular opinion of this old man, I cannot stop myself from writing: 'Shame, shame and deep shame on you and your Church !'