When a government resort to money printing... the end of an era is in sight...

 Well, this week is the week of the spill-over: the US-FOMC decision to finance TReasuries by the FED is leading to:
- China further restricting the imports of money,
- investors that flight into gold, commodities and equity,
- growing criticism for Bernanke,
- who will be defended by Obama with the answer that the growth that the QE-stimuli causes will soon be welcomed by many.

The veteran Junker from Luxemburg, doesn't hesitate to point out on behalf of the Eurozone that while the US blame China to maniupate the exchange rate, it is actually calling the pot a cattle as the US does the same (but by increasing the supply of the dollar). But he can't say that out loud in the G20, because we can witness a number of Euro Member States in the periphery that are stumling into the abyss. Only domestic players invest in Spanish, Iris, Greek or Portuguese government securities. So, before we know, there may be a mini-monetary-earthquake in the Eurozone.

In essence we are now witnessing the definitive beginning of the end for the US as a world power. De United States of America have always been living on credit, which was a powerful motor for themselves as well as the world. Yet, here's the day when empty is empty and the effect is over. The only one not to have noticed it, is the US themselves. During the mortgage crisis we could still say that the external effects of the US crisis for other countries was indirect. With Quantitave Easing the effect is more direct because the US directly exports its problems. It all has the sound to it of empiresand states that are at the end of their existence and try the money injection as measure of last resort.