Eurocrisis: elegant compromise to soften relations between EU and Ireland

I am just listening to the EU press conference of the Eurogroup. I was unable to fully listen to the start of the conference, but what I understand is that all parties involved stand ready to help out Ireland with their banking sector problem. And there would be short and intensive consultation on technical isses. In this way a compromise is reached between the stubborn Irish position (we don't want help as a government) and the EU Commission and ECB concerns (we need to help the Irish out, because their situation may become unsustainable).

Juncker says now: it's up to the Irish. We will help as the Eurogroup to be supportive. As far as the programma and consultations is concerned, the meetings will be with ECB, EC and IMF, so the Eurogroup will not be involved. There's even some humour between Juncker and Rehn now (in the treaty we trust - but the devil is in the details). Still the Commission will not disclose a specific amount of money/support that is considered.

Earlier in the conference, the EFSF boss outlined that he can raise funding in a couple of days. And he noted that there was considerable interest from Asian countries. So the Asians stand ready to help the Irish.