Dutch magazine finds out that preview of Wilders' book is inaccurate...

Now that Geert Wilders has side-stepped in Dutch politics to become an opposition party, he has more time to promote his upcoming book, which will be published in the US. And it will of course be full of his ideology: how the islam is terrorising the West, how he is the victim and what we all should do about it. And a Dutch magazine has been allowed a read through of the book.

The interesting thing that occured is that the Magazine started fact-checking the book. Because somewhere near page 140 (in the Chapter Conquest) Wilders describes how he is being robbed by three Arab youth in his neighbourhood: Canal Island.

The true story however unfolds now in HP Magazine, which checked other books and sources (among which his own brother) to find out that:
- Wilders was attacked from behind and he has never ever seen the attackers,
- he was not in the Canal Island borough when being attacked but a well-to-do neighbourhood.

It's yet another example of how keen he is on living and portraying the world according to his truth.